Type of Plates

Type Of Plates

Custom Metal and Etched Nameplates

Metal nameplates are used for a wide number of applications. Some plates are made for industrial uses, others are put together for decorative reasons and still others are manufactured for marketing purposes. Companies often use metal plates for their schematics, instructional and warning needs as well as their model and serial number marking needs.  

Some of the metal plates you can find on Nameplates Online include those that are also used for inventory and tracking purposes. These can either carry barcodes for easy monitoring with the use of portable scanners or numbers for manual listing. Inventory tags can also carry blank spaces that you can either stamp numbers on or write on with permanent markers.

For decorative purposes, we have decorative trim plates and promotional plates. Both can be used for branding purposes or for marketing needs. We also carry scales and dials that are very accurate and precise for your various needs. These are also customizable, like our other metal nameplates products, in order to suit your every need. 

Wide Variety of Metal Nameplates for Your Needs

Metal nameplates are ideal for a wide array of uses and the metals often used in crafting these plates are those that are impervious to tarnish and decay. Some of the metals that most people choose to use for these many different purposes include stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Since these are not only tarnish and rust resistant but also resistant to various chemicals and UV rays, it is but natural that people choose to use these for their metal nameplate needs.

You will find that not only do we have a wide array of metal nameplates for your needs, but we also have many printing and marking processes for you to choose from. Each marking procedure comes with the kind of features ideal for specific uses. For example, photosensitizing plates can give you not only precisely detailed prints but these also give you prints that can last for a very long time even when exposed to harsh conditions. Embossing brings with it an added appeal that only a 3D feature can bring.

All of these plates can be made in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can also choose the thickness of the metal you want to use for these plates. If you are not sure what kind of metal or printing to use for your specific metal nameplate requirements, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you with your nameplate needs.

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