Destructible VinylDestructible Vinyl

Destructible vinyl is a material that is made specifically to fall apart when tampered with. Once labels and tags made with this special material is attached to a specific item, any attempt to remove it will result in the tag coming off in small pieces. This makes its removal difficult, and just by looking at it, you will see whether or not any attempt to take that tag off was ever made.

The material used to create such theft-preventive tags is made out of low shrinkage vinyl, which helps create high quality labels that do not have dirty edges or adhesive ooze. This particular material also comes with a topcoat that not only protects the label from dirt and grime, but also shows any form of tampering when removal is attempted. Destructible vinyl is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for numerous applications.

While these are usually made into labels that help prevent theft, destructible vinyl can also be used in a number of other applications. Safety warning labels made with this type of vinyl help ensure that safety labels stay where they are attached to, keeping people safe. Warranty seals and licensing tags can also be made using this. Other applications that find this material well suited to their use include package seals, shipping labels, asset and inventory tags, calibration tags, and tamper evident seals.