Furniture ManufacturersFurniture Manufacturers

Businesses that belong to this industry are those who make institutional, office, and household furnishings. This also includes other related products such as mattresses, covers, and the like. There are many companies that are part of this industry. Some of the big names that belong to this sector include IKEA, Hunter Douglas, LA-Z-Boy, and Tempur Sealy, to mention but a few. These businesses, much like any other business and any other industry, need tags for many different purposes, and these purposes include tracking, branding, and for sales.

Some of the nameplates and labels that such companies require include inventory and asset tags, barcode and UID plates, aluminum foil labels, polyester labels. These businesses may also opt to add domed labels, decorative trim plates, and promotional plates to their list of customized nameplates and label needs. Aside from these, such companies may also require the use of warning and instructional plates as well as overlays for their manufacturing facilities. These different kinds of plates and labels are customized to fit the specific needs of each company in this sector, and may include the addition of such features as company name, contact information, and logo, depending on where these are to be used and on the company's individual preference.