Consumer Goods ManufacturersConsumer Goods Manufacturers

Manufacturers of consumer goods are companies that create items that people may or may not need but consume nonetheless. These include businesses that manufacture processed foods, clothing, electronics, cigarettes, alcohol, and so on. These companies belong to a industry that is made up of some of the biggest companies in the world and these include brand names that everyone is familiar with. Part of this huge industry are softdrinks manufacturers, sportswear makers, confectionery companies, and those who produce make-up as well as cosmetics. This is just a sampling of some of the businesses that are in this sector.

Nameplates supplies some of the entities that belong to this industry with many of their nameplate and labeling needs. Some of the more in-demand tags that such businesses require include the numerous types of labels that we produce and the branding tags that their products need. Included in this list are aluminum foil labels, domed labels, vinyl labels, and promotional plates. Also part of the list of nameplates and labels that the consumer goods sector requires are barcode and UID plates, inventory and asset tags, and model and serial plates. The places where these items are manufactured also has a number of metal nameplates being used in them such as warning plates, instructional plates, schematics, and overlays.