The aerospace industry is one that is tasked with the manufacturing and assembly of craft that are used inside and outside of the Earth's atmosphere. This includes the research, development and the building of such craft as airplanes, space shuttles, and even helicopters. This industry also takes care of the development and manufacture of unpowered craft like sailplanes, gliders, and many more. Also part of the list of items that are made by this industry are the tools that are used on the craft that are sent outside of the planet's atmosphere and within. These will include, among other things, avionics, vehicles used on terrains other than our planet's and the equipment used here on Earth to help with the testing, operation, and care of such tools and crafts.

This industry requires a number of tags and labels to be manufactured for these many different applications, and included in the list of tags that such an industry needs are Lexan labels, warning and instructional plates, overlays, and schematics. Specially designed scales and dials are also part of the many items that this particular sector has customized for the many applications where these are needed. Since precision is a must when such tags are crafted, Nameplates ensures that every single tag manufactured for this particular industry and all other industries as well, are made with utmost care and attention to detail.