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Ever wonder how you can make a lasting impression on a client with the use of your business card? Try using digital printing plates for this. More often than not, when a person is handed a business card that looks and feels like every other business card in the world, the chances of you being remembered is rather slim. You might even find the card that you handed these people discarded and dismissed summarily, or dumped in a pile of other cards that have been forgotten.

You can create an impressive and memorable business card with the use of metal plates. There are a number of materials that can be used for such an endeavor, with aluminum being one of the best options for this. Choose the best thickness for your business card, with choices like .012, .016 and .020 thick aluminum plates being your best bets.

Metal Business Card Made with Digital Printing Plates

Of course, if you would rather go for a more economical yet still durable metal business card, you might want to choose the .02 aluminum for this particular endeavor. You should be forewarned however that such a thickness may make your card prone to folds and possible indentations that you would not want it to have. This is because of the softness of this particular aluminum thickness.

If you want to choose another type of metal for this, you can also consider stainless steel. You can opt for the .018 thick stainless steel plates for your metal business card plans. There are also brass and bronze plates in .020 thickness that can also be great for creating unique and impressive business cards for your company or yourself.

How can you create the kind of durable yet artistic and impressive card with the use of these materials? There are a number of processes that can be used to do this. Depending on what you want, whether it be a multi-colored business card or a monotone one, you can easily have it crafted, as long as you are familiar with these manufacturing procedures.

One of the processes you can choose to use with this idea is Digital Printing. You can have graphics and fancy fonts used on your metal business cards to make it look like a regular business card with Digital Printing, only made with durable metal. Another option would be to use photosensitive aluminum for your business cards. This will also result in a very durable business card that won’t be easy to forget or damage.