Will Your Metal Nameplate Choice Stand Up to Your Needs?

Metal Nameplates and LabelsManufacturers and companies have different labelling and tagging needs. Commonly, the purpose of these labels and tags are informative and commercial. They are used to brand their products or items and provide relevant information such as warranty, expiration and warning, to name a few. To ensure that these tags will last through out the product’s lifespan, they need to stand up to your specific labelling requirements.

There is a wide variety of tagging options available. Inevitably, because of the myriad choices, choosing the right one to suit your labelling need may be confusing. When does a metal nameplate become the ideal choice? Will it stand up to your needs? These are the common questions you have when you chose metal nameplates to tag your products.

Here are some of the conditions where metal nameplates are ideal, and its properties that will ensure that it will stand up to your labelling requirements:

Extreme condition resistant - Aside from the use and purpose of the nameplate, the conditions the tag will be exposed will also dictate which material is ideal for your labelling need. When you need labels that need to withstand rough conditions such as extreme temperatures, exposures to chemicals, mud, dirt and grime, or any conditions that can damage your labels, metal nameplates are your choice for such environments. They can survive extreme and challenging conditions because of its innate durability.

Aesthetic Value – aside from metal nameplates durability, it also elevates the aesthetic value of any tag. It’s polished and shiny texture and surface makes it more attractive. Bronze and Brass types of metal nameplates have a rather appealing look and is popular for its ornamental use. In conjunction with other methods like doming and etching, these metal templates accentuate and emphasize the message or display on the nameplates. They also provide long-lasting quality appearance.

Flexibility and Versatility – one of the innate properties of metals is malleability. This property allows the metal to be shaped into any shape and any size, thus providing significant flexibility in design and construction. This flexibility allows manufacturers to customize the shape of the nameplates. It can be shaped just like the logo of the company or any irregular shape.

Metal nameplates will uphold the quality, durability and flexibility that you are expecting. It will also last for many years. With the assortment of options of materials, design and adhesive, it will provide a good combination of properties to stand up to any specific labelling requirements.

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