Why the Marking Medium of Your Decorative Trim Plates Matter

Decorative Trim PlatesNot that many people may know this, but the marking medium of your decorative trim plates actually play a huge role in how these turn out. When you customize your decorative trim plates, you have to make sure that the marking method you choose is ideal for what these plates are to be used on. Choosing the wrong method may just cause you more problems than you expect.

For instance, if these plates are to be used outdoors, it might be a good idea to choose a marking method that is well suited for out of doors. There are quite a few that are great for such a purpose, like photosensitizing and etching, since these can withstand the ravages of nature and the many elements these are exposed to. If you choose a marking medium that would easily peel off or fade away because of the exposure these plates face outdoors, you will find yourself with an added expense of needing to get new plates to replace these.

Also worth noting is that the marking medium you choose can also depend on what kind of design you are thinking of putting on these plates. While most of the marking methods in used today can be made to copy designs as closely as possible, there are some that look better than others when it comes to specific design styles. For instance, if you are thinking of giving your plates that antiquated old-world look, it might be a good idea to consider using etching for this. Etching has been around for decades and using this to mark your plates with, coupled with a process that makes your metal look vintage, will definitely make your decorative trim plates look like something from 50 years ago.

Another consideration you might want to think about is whether or not your plates would look better in bright colors or if these are better looking in black on metal. Some designs are better to look at when these are in simple black print. You will need to think about this before deciding on a method that is multi-color or a design that is very colorful.

Other options you have include printing and marking methods that produce a three-dimensional design. Some of the options for this include embossing and doming. If you want your decorative trim plates to “pop” and to have that 3-dimensional look or feel, then you should definitely consider any of these marking mediums.

It is important that you know what kind of look your plates will have after these are worked on. Choosing the wrong marking method may leave you with plates that you are not happy with, and you may end up using these nonetheless, even if you do feel that these are not what you wanted in the first place. Check out the many options you have and don’t hesitate to ask questions so that you know what you are getting before you approve your order for manufacture.

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