Why You Should Use Destructible Vinyl Labels

Destructible Vinyl Labels

Destructible vinyl labels are ideally used as a way to help keep theft of items that are used by personnel in companies at a minimum. While these do not necessarily stop people from actually taking these items away, they do make people think twice before doing so. The fear of discovery is after all a pretty good deterrent for most people.

What can these labels do and why do people think twice about pilfering if these are used on items in your office? Why are these called destructible labels? Are these really effective in making people stop from taking items that don’t belong to them?

People who take items from work sometimes do so because they don’t think they will get caught. When a sticker or asset tag is attached to an item, they might think twice about taking it home with them simply because it is marked. For some people, such a marking won’t deter them, especially if this label can be easily removed, thereby removing any evidence that the item does not really belong to them.

When destructible labels are used however, a person will indeed think twice about taking such an item home for fear of discovery, and by extension, fear of embarrassment at being labeled a thief. These labels, as the name implies, fall apart when someone tries to remove them from wherever these are attached. This will then make it difficult to remove in its entirety, leaving behind traces of the original tag, marking it and showing people that a sticker was removed from such an item.

Another alternative to the destructible vinyl label is the tamper evident tag. A tamper-evident tag shows people that a sticker was also attached to the item, but in a different manner. When a tamper evident tag is removed, it leaves behind part of the sticker in the form of a sticky residue with the word “void” on it. This will alert whoever sees the item to the fact that this was stolen.

Using destructible labels and tamper evident tags can help deter thieves from making-away with items in your office, especially if these people are employed there. Embarrassment in getting caught and being found out by peers that they stole these items (which cannot be denied due to the telltale signs left behind by these self-adhesive tags) can help make them think twice about stealing, thereby lowering the possibilities of theft in your establishment.