Why Some Model and Serial Plates Have More Information on Them

model and serial plate

Different kinds of companies use these tags on many of their products, and while these products are all under one brand, you will find that the model and serial plates used on these do not necessarily all look the same. There are a number of reasons why these tags, even though they are supposedly the same and serve the same purpose, come with different formats and with others carrying more information than its counterparts.

Why do some model and serial plates carry more information than others that are supposedly like them? Here are some of the reasons:

For safety’s sake – most of the products that have these tags on them usually have moving parts that may be harmful to the user if the product is not used the right way. This is why some of these tags carry warnings, voltage information, and the like. This is to prevent accidents from happening and people from getting hurt when using such a product.

For instructional purposes – some of these tags carry a few operational steps in order to ensure that these are used in the right manner. This is not just for the safety of the user, but also to ensure that the product is not damaged due to misuse. This is also to ensure that people know how to operate such a product even when the instructional manual is not in their possession.

For troubleshooting – when you need to have the product you purchased fixed, you can call their hotline to get some help in trying to do this yourself. This is why these tags carry information that includes the contact details of the company as well as the model and serial number of your product. These alone can get you in touch with the manufacturer, since they usually put more than one contact option for you to try. You can find an email address, a website, a hotline, and even a physical address, should you need to ship the product back for repairs or for replacements.

For warranty needs – not all products have a lifetime warranty, therefore it is important that these products have unique serial numbers on them since these are what will tell a company when a product was purchased and how long it still has on its warranty. Some products have only the model number on the tags and this is because the product is not covered by any warranty. Those with both model and serial numbers on them usually come with a warranty, and the unique alphanumeric code on the tag will let the manufacturer know if it is still active.

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