Why Some Companies Do Not Use Destructible Vinyl Labels

Destructible Vinyl Labels

Destructible vinyl labels are widely used nowadays together with tamper evident tags and other similar labels for many different reasons. One of the primary reasons why these tags are used by businesses is to help prevent theft. These are, after all, very difficult to remove in one piece, and these leave behind telltale signs of tampering when anyone attempts to remove these.

The most common uses of these labels and tags are for ensuring that boxes, containers, canisters, and the like, do not get tampered with before anyone buys these. You can see a lot of these tags on bottles of medicine, on containers that carry items that may deteriorate once opened, and in boxes that are not to be opened by those who do not own these.

You will see a lot of these labels carrying the phrase “void if removed” and boxes that have these labels may also have this sentence on them – “Do not accept if seal is broken”. These help consumers determine whether an item has been tampered with before they got to it.

Some companies however see that these tags are not as effective as they want these to be when it comes to protecting items that they are selling from tampering. Some people still end up removing these tags just for the heck of it, to simply mess with the company in question. Some people just take what is inside and leave the packaging behind together with the tags that would indicate tampering.

There are some companies who also do not put too much stock in these tags because some people do get away with taking home company owned property even when these have such tags on them. This is probably due to the fact that the company does not have a very stringent inventory and asset tracking system. In order for these tags to work the way they should, after all, a system that involves regular checks of the items that these tags are on is required.

Some companies have opted to use a magnetic tag in the place of such labels, even though these cost more and will need scanners at all exits for such a system to work. These tags work the same way magnetic tags on retail products work, with alarms sounding when these are not deactivated before being taken out of the premises.

Of course, destructible vinyl labels are still pretty useful in many different instances and in a variety of uses. These are great for use with shipping boxes, packages that are not to be opened before purchase, and many more.

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