Why Should You Use Metal Nameplates

BY Rowena Taylor

Metal Nameplates - Embossed Plates

If you are in need of nameplates, one of the materials you should consider using is metal. Why are nameplates made out of metal considered a great choice as compared with those that are manufactured using other materials like plastic and such? There are actually many good reasons why you should definitely consider metal nameplates for your needs, and here are some of them:

Durability – there really is something to be said about using metal when you need an item to be durable and strong. Think about it. Why do they call Superman the man of steel (and steel is a metal)? You got that right – because he is strong. When durability is a requirement for your nameplate needs, then metals are your material of choice for such a need. Choose from the many types of metals that can be used for their durability, like stainless steel or aluminum, if you require nameplates that are tough.

Aesthetic Value – while some people may argue that metals are not really attractive to look at, others will beg to differ. Why would some companies create product lines that are “metallic” and have items that have metal components if these are not good to look at? Metallic shades for make-up, metallic colors for cars, metallic accessories, metallic clothing – the list goes on.

This essentially means that metals have a rather appealing quality that makes them decorative as well. If you are looking for a gold tinge to your nameplates, then you can opt to use brass for this. Want a reddish metal for your nameplate needs? Then bronze is what you should use. Silvery metals that can be used in the manufacture of your name plates include zinc, aluminum and stainless steel.

Versatility – metals can be rather versatile, and this is due to the fact that you can shape this into any shape you want, use it in any size you need, and mark this with more marking methods than any other material around. Metals can be cut into small nameplates the size of your finger (for those tags that you wear on your lapel or for labeling needs on items that are rather small) or as big as a sign. These materials can also be shaped any which way you want. You need an oval nameplate? Metals can be cut in this shape. How about a star shaped tag? You can do this with metals as well.

For marking methods, metals can be marked more ways than other materials around you. Want embossed nameplates for your products’ branding needs? Metals can be stamped to carry embossed logos, names and even contact information, if need be the case. Need your nameplates to look 3-dimensional? Why not have these coated with a resin that will give it a domed look that is 3D? Other marking methods that you can use with metal include etching, digital printing, laser marking and photosensitizing, to name but a few.

These are just a few of the many things that can be done with metals, making the use of metal nameplates more of a good idea than ever. You can also choose the thickness of the metals you want to use when creating your tags. You can even decide to combine your metal name tags with other materials after these have been crafted to give these a different twist.

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