Why Photosensitive Plates are a Good Choice for Your Promotional Needs

Photosensitive Plates

Companies everywhere utilize different kinds of materials and methods to help promote their business and their brand. One thing that many businesses use to help with brand recognition and familiarity is the promotional item. Promotional items are used by businesses to help create not only a familiarity for the brand but also a loyalty and interest in it.

There are many ways to create promotional items, and one way is to have tags made in advance with your company’s brand on it. There are also many different kinds of tags that can be used for this purpose, however there is one type that some people do not consider that much. These are photosensitive plates.

Photosensitive plates are made out of anodized aluminum, making these tarnish and rust resistant. These are also relatively lower costing than other metal types since aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on the planet. The process used to create these tags is similar to the old-fashioned method of producing pictures with the use of negatives.

Why are these tags a good choice for your promotional and marketing needs? Well, just like photographs, the resulting print on your aluminum tags is detailed and eye-catching. These tags will help capture the attention of your target market, which is what you want your promotional products to do in the first place. These are also durable due to the material used in its creation, which makes it effective as a marketing tool for a long period of time.

Photosensitive plates are also very versatile and can be used to customize a lot of items that you want to convert into promotional products. You can have this tag made in advance, then have a hole drilled in one side so that you can attach a key fob to it, making it an instant key chain. You can also have this tag attached to any flat surfaced item, like a leather covered planner or a leather satchel, and you have a promotional product or corporate gift that has your company’s name and logo on it.

There are other metal nameplates that can serve the same purpose however, and choosing these alternatives will give your promotional products a different look and feel. For instance, if you would rather have a 3-dimensional look on your tags, embossed or engraved plates may be your best option. If you want your tags to look picture perfect however, and you want to inject some highly detailed image onto your aluminum plates, then photosensitive plates is your best choice.

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