Why Photosensitive Plates are Sometimes Called Metal Photo Plates

Photosensitive PlatesPhotosensitive plates are used by many for a number of applications, with some used for industrial purposes and others for commercial ones. These plates are also used for personal reasons, and can even carry images on them. Some people know these by a name called metal photo, and this particular term essentially tells you what these plates are capable of carrying.

These metal plates are probably called such because of the fact that these are made out of metal, and they can carry photographs on them. How these are done is actually similar to how photographs are made, the old fashioned way anyway. This process involves the creation of negatives ( same as with old photos where you will need a negative image that can be developed onto photographic film), which will then be transferred onto the metal plates these are to grace.

The metal plates that are to carry these images are made out of aluminum, or anodized aluminum to be exact, and are made to be photosensitive so as to enable the development of the black, silver-based pictures on the surface. These images are impregnated into the metal and then exposed to light, which then helps develop the pictures on them. This particular process is made with type 1 photosensitive plates. The other type, which is the type 2 photosensitive plate made out of anodized aluminum, uses a different method that involves the use of what is called a photo resist.

The second method is what is used when the plates that are to be developed need to be in color, and not only in black. So if you are thinking of having your photosensitive plates crafted to carry colored images, this is the method for you. This method uses dyes to create the colors required for the images, however plates made this way are not well-suited for outdoor use and may easily fade or lose color after some time.

These two methods help create the photosensitive plates that companies use for many different industrial purposes, and the photograph plates that some people order as giveaways for special occasions. These plates are also used by some for their many metal nameplates needs, like for branding, for serial and model plate creation, for schematics, and for many other purposes. The reason why these are sometimes called metal photo plates is, well, these can and often do carry photos on them and are made out of metal, simple as that.

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