Why Model and Serial Plates are Necessary

Model and Serial Plates

Ever wonder why model and serial plates are attached to certain equipment and items that you purchase? Ever wonder what the numbers and letters found on these tags are for? Do you know why these tags are considered necessary by manufacturers and why they attach these to most of their products?

Different manufacturers use these tags to help people easily register their items for warranties, which are then used for repairs or replacements. In other words, these tags are used as trackers or identifiers by companies so that they can easily find the parts needed for repairs or the items needed for replacements. These model and serial plates are also used to keep track of the different items produced at different instances, which in turn makes it easier for businesses to take note of batches of items that may need attention.

If you have heard of vehicle companies and other similar businesses instituting a mass-recall of items they produced during a certain year or timeframe, then you will understand why these plates are necessary. The use of such metal plates on products helps businesses easily keep track of everything produced during a specific timeframe. If they find that a number of these products produced during a specific period of time comes with defects that can endanger lives or even cast a negative light on the company, they can easily have these pulled from shelves, recalled or returned to them by consumers with the use of the alphanumeric indicators found on these tags.

Where can these tags be found on such items? The location of such plates on certain items differs from one manufacturer to another. For example, one appliance maker often releases a diagram of all their products that carry the locations of the model and serial plates on these items. This is to help people who own these appliances to easily locate where these plates are found, which in turn will help them in having their items registered for warranties or to have these repaired.

If these data plates were absent from these products, finding the right parts for repairs or even finding the same kind of product for replacement purposes will take longer than necessary. With these model and serial plates attached to such items, finding what is needed can be done quickly and repairs or replacements can also be facilitated in a shorter amount of time.

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