Why Metal Dog Tags are Great for Promotional Purposes

Metal Dog TagsMetal dog tags were first created for use by the military, and in fact, these are still being used by the armed forces. These have made the crossover however into mainstream usage in the form of customized tags that people use as accessories. Those who use these as accessories wear these around their necks, just like the ones that are being used in an official capacity, but with these tags carrying not information about the person but decorative markings.

In terms of promotional purposes, dog tags are also a great choice and for many reasons. For starters, these tags are very customizable and can even be made in different sizes as well as materials. These can be marked using a variety of marking mediums, and can carry any design that you deem ideal for your marketing and promotional needs.

While most people see these as tags that are worn around the neck, there are some who see beyond its original usage and have crafted tags that can be used elsewhere, even when these still carry the same original shape as the ones being used by the military. To show you just what we mean, here are some ideas and examples:

Keychains – dog tags that are used to carry keys with are becoming a rather popular promotional item because these are not only decorative, but are also very useful. You can easily customize these to carry your brand or logo on them, and you can have these made in the traditional shape to show people that these are indeed dog tags that come in the shape of a key chain.

Bag tags – luggage can easily get lost or people can easily mistake your suitcase for theirs since most of these look alike. For you to distinguish your bag from others just like it coming off a carousel in the airport, having a bag tag on it is ideal. Your company can create bag tags in the form of dog tags, and have one side carry your brand or logo, while the other side carries a sticker that has lines people can fill in with their details.

Collectible tags- people enjoy collecting items and what better way to promote your brand than via a set of collectible tags with a unique design on one side and your logo or brand on the other. This can be used in conjunction with a sponsorship you may have for a movie premier or other similar event. These tags can carry images of popular characters on one side and your brand on the other side, which can make them collectible, where people will want to complete a set.

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