Why Metal Dog Tags are Awesome!

BY Rowena Taylor

Dog Tags

You’ve seen these worn by kids and adults alike as accessories, and you have also seen these worn by people in service as identification tags. What makes these metal dog tags totally awesome is the versatility that these small metal plates have. These can be used for quite a lot of things, with identification purposes for military personnel and accessory usage being only two of these.

The awesomeness of dog tags does not only come from its versatility of use but from the way it first emerged as a tool for identification purposes. This small tag first began its existence as a piece of paper with the person’s name written on it, and this was pinned on the person’s coat or tied around his neck with a piece of string in the Civil War. Since this was an ineffective method for keeping track of who died during the war (this resulted in 75% of the soldiers who died in that war being listed as unknown), an identification tag was made compulsory for all men in service in 1913.

This means that dog tags have been around for a hundred years, although not in the shape that we now know them to come in. These were first made in a round shape, then an oval shape and finally in the rectangular form we see everywhere. The rectangular tags that we see today are still somewhat oval in shape. The tags we see today are also worn in pairs, although the original ones were given out in single tags.

From the original oval disc in 1913, to the rectangular shaped tags used in World War II, to present day dog tags, you will find that these are indeed very useful. Aside from helping with identification needs for those in the service, these tags can also be used many different ways by civilians. Any type of information can be placed on these tags, with the purpose of the tags coming into play for such information.

Also worth noting is that these tags can be used in an ornamental fashion. These can be made using any type of metal, which includes the rather low costing ones like stainless steel and aluminum, to the more precious and expensive ones like gold and platinum. These can also be made into jewelry with the addition of gems on these tags and the use of chains that are also made out of gold and platinum.

These tags are usually made with aluminum and stainless steel, and these are probably the metals you will go with if you are to use these tags for identification purposes or for casual accessory creation. These can be used for other things than just being worn around the neck by humans. You can have custom information stamped on these and these can be used as bag tags for your luggage or handbags. These can also be custom made to be worn around the neck of a pet.

The reason why we say that metal dog tags are awesome is because they have transcended their original usage and have crossed over into areas that are supposedly beyond what these are for. Jewelry, tags for bags, decorative tags and even pet tags are some of the current uses of this versatile metal nameplate, and that is just the beginning. Who knows what other uses these tags may have when the time comes?

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