Why Lexan Labels are Used for the Creation of Custom Overlays

Lexan LabelsOne of the main applications that Lexan is used for is in the creation of custom overlays. These are essentially coverings that are placed over electronic equipment and are used to mark such things with the right buttons, information, and other important elements needed by such equipment. Overlays are sometimes called laminates, surface covering, and panels.

There are many reasons why this particular material is used to create such laminates, and the main reason probably is due to its durability. Since these panels are used frequently, constant pressing of such a laminate can easily cause wear and tear to occur. Since a Lexan label is a very durable polycarbonate film that can withstand this constant occurrence, it is but natural that this be the choice when it comes to overlays.

There are also a few other valid reasons why this particular label is used for creating such panels with, and here a few more of them:

Chemical resistance – while not impervious to all chemicals, Lexan is durable enough to withstand the corrosive effects of a number of mild chemicals. This includes the chemicals that are produced by human hands, like sweat and oils that are produced naturally by the skin. These can be corrosive over time, which is why a specific type of material is required in order to keep equipment buttons and controls intact. This means that even with constant use and exposure to these chemicals, such overlays will remain intact.

Non-fading print – this feature comes from the fact that these labels have the print on the inside rather than on the outside, as is the customary printing process for most labels. This underside printing method helps ensure that whatever is written on these tags will stay as legible as they did when these were first attached to the equipment these are to mark. Also called subsurface printing, Lexan labels are one of few materials that can effectively carry such a printing method.

Scratch resistant – also worth noting is the toughness of this material when it comes to scratches. This may be the reason why thicker variants of this particular material is used to create protective eyewear like goggles and helmet visors, helmets for sports, and even windshields for vehicles.

Highly customizable – another reason why this is a popular label material is because of the high level of customization that you can do with these. Lexan can be cut into any shape that you require and can even have holes punched into it without damaging or tearing the material.

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