Why Lexan Labels are So Durable

Lexan Labels

Lexan is considered one of the more durable materials around, which is why it is used for many things, one of which is Lexan labels. These labels are used for a number of applications that require the use of a chemical resistant and durable material. Lexan is also very versatile, which is why it is actually used for more than just the making of labels.

Labels that are made with Lexan are very tough and resistant to a number of corrosive substances, which makes it an ideal choice for those who need a durable and versatile material for their labeling needs. This kind of a material can be used to create a variety of labels that can be used for marking consoles, equipment, products and other purposes. This material is also versatile enough to be used for simple labeling and marketing needs where there is a need for  highly resilient and detailed labels.

Durability and Lexan Labels

If you want tough labels, then Lexan labels are what you need. These are one of the toughest labels around because of the fact that the material itself is one of the toughest materials around. Why is Lexan so durable and what makes it tough enough for use in harsh conditions?

Lexan is actually a polycarbonate, which is essentially a type of thermoplastic. This particular material is said to be tougher than glass, tougher than plexiglass and more durable than acrylic. This makes it an ideal substance to use for those instances where these other materials cannot meet the rigorous demands of the user. This also makes this particular substance ideal for use in more than just labeling and marking needs.

Invented in 1953, this particular substance is being used these days for a huge number of applications. One of the uses of this thermoplastic is in the aviation industry. Due to its durability, and the fact that it is shatterproof, these are used to create the canopies of jet fighters. This material was even used to create the visors of the helmets used by astronauts in the 1960s. These are also used for sports helmets, automobile headlight lenses and even safety glasses.

Why Use Lexan for Labels

Aside from the many uses mentioned earlier, this particular material is used in the creation of labels that are utilized by various industries and for many different purposes. These are often used to label items that will be exposed to chemicals and other substances, used by many people and used frequently. Since these are also printed with the designs that you want on the backside, you won’t have to worry about the problems brought about by fading labels and those that see their markings slowly being scratched off with continuous use.

These are made clear, with printed on areas being the only parts that are not see through. This makes it ideal for use with items that have lights and displays that you need to have show through your label. You can also choose to have holes cut out in these areas so that your lights and displays will just pop through these holes.

As versatile as Lexan labels may be, there are some limitations to its usage. For one, these are not ideally used in outdoor situations since some discoloration may occur when exposed to UV rays. Very harsh chemicals may also damage this kind of a label so you might want to ask your favorite nameplate and label manufacturer for the list of dos and don’ts associated with the usage of Lexan for your labeling and marking needs.   

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