Why Etched Metal Plates are Your Company’s Best Nameplate Choice

Etched Metal PlatesWhen it comes to nameplates, there are quite a few choices you can pick from. Aside from the kinds of materials you can choose from, you will also be presented with the marking mediums that can be used on these. Also part of the options you will have are the kinds of fonts to use on these, as well as the colors and the shapes of the tags themselves.

No matter what choices are presented to you, the decision will always depend on a number of things, and this includes your budget, your company’s needs, and where these tags are to be used. One of the best choices that people find meets a lot of the categories they set for their nameplate needs is the etched metal plate, and here are the reasons why these tags are ideal for a lot of your company’s needs.

Versatility – this is one tag that you can tweak and customize to your heart’s content, and get a great looking nameplate as a result. You can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, sizes, shapes of the tag, and many more with this particular tag option. This tag type is so versatile, it can be used for a lot of things – from name tags on desks and doors, to brand tags on products, to decorative tags for your own personal needs, and so on.

Durability – these tags are very durable and can withstand some conditions that other tags cannot. Since these are made of metal, these tags can endure heat, cold, and even some pressure. These can also withstand some chemicals, depending on the metal that is being used as well as the kind of ink or paint used on the tag’s design.

Rust-proof – since these tags are made out of metals like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze, these are rust-proof, regardless of whether these have paint, ink, or laminates on them. This means that you can use these tags on items that may find themselves exposed to moisture and not worry about tag deterioration or degradation.

Of course, when you choose these tags, you need to consider where these are to be used. While these can be used on items that are exposed to chemicals and harsh conditions, you need to still determine beforehand whether the exposure will shorten the lifespan of these tags and affect their quality. As durable as these may be, constant exposure to certain elements can still cause the tag to fade and look worn. Your best option would be to have a protective coating added to your tags, to help make these even more durable and to make these last longer in use.

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