Why Etched Metal Plates are Great for Your Nameplate Needs

Etched Metal Plates

Choosing to use etched metal plates for your nameplate requirements may very well be one of the best decisions you will ever make. This is because of the fact that these kinds of plates bring a lot to a company. Not only are these plates durable, but these are also very easy to customize to look as attractive as you want them to look.

Etched metal nameplates are often made using corrosion resistant metal, which includes aluminum, stainless steel and bronze, to name but a few. Along with the durability that comes with using these corrosion resistant metals, is the aesthetic quality of these metals as well. These metal plates are durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as look good while doing so.

The etching that is on these plates is often filled with paint to make the designs on them appear more prominent. The use of paints on these plates also helps make the designs on them more like the originals they have been copied from. These days, with more modern methods for crafting such plates being used by manufacturers, the aesthetic qualities of such plates and the accuracy of the prints on them is high.

The metal plates you can use with this particular manufacturing method can include metals that are as thin as .008 inches to as thick as .125 inches. What you choose to add to these plates includes logos, company names, model and make details as well as serial numbers. You can also choose to customize the size and shape of these plates according to your specific needs.

Aside from being weather resistant and corrosion resistant, these plates are also rather impervious to abrasions and chemicals. Depending again on the paint or ink that you use on these plates, as well as the kind of overlaminate you use to protect the print on these etched metal nameplates, you can be sure that these will last for years. Some companies even guarantee a number of years of outdoor exposure before any deterioration will show on these plates.