Why Embossed Metal Plates are Very Durable

Embossed Metal PlatesEmbossing has been used for many different reasons and on many different materials that include paper, cardboard, and metal. Metal plates are usually embossed to create outstanding looking tags and nameplates that are used for branding, tagging, and many more. Embossing is a very popular marking method for metal plates, particularly due to the 3-dimensional look that it has as well as the durability that such a marking method brings.

Why do embossed metal plates come with a durability that is ideal for the creation of tags that can withstand some pressure, defacing, and dents? The reason is due to how these tags are made. Embossed metal tags are not just metal plates that are stamped with the designs that companies order for these to have. These actually undergo a process that not only creates uniquely eye-catching tags, but also makes very durable and tough plates.

When you emboss paper or cardboard, what you essentially do is stamp these with a pair of dies that are partnered together, with one being a male and the other being a female. These two dies fit perfectly together to create a very distinct and pronounced design on your paper or cardboard. The same goes for foil stamped or embossed labels. These are stamped with one die on top and the other at the bottom to create very distinct designs.

When you emboss metal plates, you are doing a similar thing, but with a slight difference. When metal nameplates are embossed by a nameplate manufacturer, heat is applied before the dies stamp the design onto the plate. The right amount of heat has to be added to the metal to keep it still rather rigid but more malleable when the dies strike. This is called hot stamping.

The addition of heat when the metal plates are stamped essentially creates a metal plate that is very durable due to the fact that when the metal cools, the design is somewhat tempered. The heat softened the metal enough to make it easy to stamp with the design, as well as to give it a very smooth finish afterwards. When it is cooled, the design will have a similar durability as the rest of the plate, and will have that cast metal durability and look that can withstand a number of rough conditions. These kinds of plates are ideal for when you need metal plates that you know will be exposed to tough situations, as well as when you want an amazing looking tag that has a 3D appeal and feel to it.

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