Why Destructible Vinyl Labels and Tamper Evident Tags Deter Thievery

Destructible Vinyl LabelsStopping people from stealing from your company can be easily done with a few security measures. One such security measure you can use is the adhesion of destructible vinyl labels or tamper evident tags onto items you wish to ensure the safety of. If you are wondering what stickers or sticker tags can do to stop people from stealing items from your business, here are some of the main reasons why these are considered very effective theft deterrents:

Destructible vinyl labels show people who an item belongs to – these stickers, when attached to an item, is usually visible enough to warrant inspection. When security officers in your facility check out an item with this sticker on them and see that the owner is not the person carrying it, it will alert them to a possible move to pilfer something that belongs to the business. Unless there is a written authorization showing that the item in question is being legally given or loaned to the person carrying the item, the sticker will tell you whether the item is indeed being taken out without authorization.

Destructible vinyl labels show signs of tampering – one of the main characteristics of these labels is its ability to leave behind telltale signs of having been removed. When some people realize that taking these items out of your facility with the stickers still on them will alert security personnel to the fact that these are company owned items, they try to remove these stickers to disguise the fact that they are stealing these. When you use ordinary labels, removal is easy. When you use destructible labels, you will find that whoever tries to remove these cannot completely remove the entire sticker.

Destructible vinyl labels can also double as asset tags for easier inventory and tracking tasks – aside from stopping people from trying to pilfer these items, such stickers can also double as tracking and asset tags when these are printed with barcodes. Having barcodes on your destructible labels can make checking of assets and inventory tasks easier and quicker since these are machine readable. A portable scanner can take in the serial numbers and information about an item quickly, and you can then see after a scan of all of your company’s inventory, whether something is missing or not. This can also help you find out who the missing item was assigned to and can easily try to track this down to find out why it is missing in the first place.

Difference Between Destructible Labels and Tamper Evident Tags

Destructible LabelsSome people tend to confuse destructible vinyl labels with tamper evident tags. While both are rather similar in their usage, one is not the other. The difference is actually in the name, with destructible vinyl labels being labels that fall apart when removal is attempted, while tamper evident labels mean that when the sticker is removed, a telltale sign is left behind, like the words void or tampered, which usually separates from the adhesive once removal is done.

What should you choose between the two? Either of the two can be rather useful in helping dissuade would-be thieves from making away with your assets. Whether these be staplers, calculators or even laptop computers assigned to workers by your company, when such labels are adhered to visible parts of such items, any attempt to take these out of the office without prior permission will make security personnel stop whoever is taking these out. Aside from the embarrassment of getting caught, another deterrent for such shameful behavior would be the termination of anyone who is indeed proven to be stealing, and the evidence can be clearly seen with what these destructible vinyl labels leave behind.

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