Why Choose Stainless Steel Plates for Your Nameplate Needs?

Stainless Steel PlatesHaving nameplates crafted for your needs requires that you choose a particular metal to use for such an endeavor. One of the most favored materials people choose for such a task are stainless steel plates. The reasons why stainless steel is considered a favorite when it comes to nameplate making, and for other uses as well, is because it is…well, stainless. To better understand why people choose this metal for numerous needs, let us first find out what exactly the term “stainless” encompasses with this kind of metal and why it is called such.

Stainless steel is a steel alloy that is not necessarily totally stain-proof but is one that does not corrode, stain or rust readily when exposed to water, unlike regular steel. Also called inox steel as well as CRES (corrosion resistant steel), this particular metal is used when there is a need for steel’s properties as well as resistance to corrosion at the same time.

This steel alloy has chromium present in it, a little more than that found in carbon steel. While carbon steel does rust when it is left unprotected and exposed to water and air, the amount of chromium that can be found in stainless steel forms a film that helps keep rust and corrosion at bay. This is what makes stainless steel very popular among those who need it and use it.

Different Stainless Steel GradesThis particular type of steel comes in around 150 grades, which is probably why it has so many uses. The usual uses for stainless steel include cookware, major appliances, cutlery, surgical instruments, and industrial equipment. You can also find this kind of steel in numerous shapes and forms that include coils, plates, wires, bars and sheets.

Stainless steel is also a favorite of jewelers since they can easily create items and refinish these without fear of the metal oxidizing on them. Watch makers also favor this metal for their watch making needs. Even firearms manufacturers use this metal for some of the components of their guns, with a few models being made entirely out of this steel.

Stainless Steel Nameplate

This kind of steel can also be found in a number of different finishes, which is ideal for the many aesthetic uses that people have for it. When it comes to nameplate creation, stainless steel is used due to the very same reasons other people use it – because it is rather impervious to corrosion and decay, and comes in many different finishes. This makes it ideal for crafting the many different nameplates
that are used by a variety of industries.