Why Choose Metal Nameplates Over Plastic Ones?

BY Rowena Taylor

Metal Nameplates

Deciding to have nameplates crafted for your business, or other for other purposes, will also require you to choose materials for the creation of such plates. One of the materials that you can choose for this is metal. Another is plastic. Some people tend to choose plastic over metal due to the rather low price of this particular material, but is this a wise choice? Plastic may be cheaper when you buy it, but in the long run, will it actually save you money?

People have this misconception that cheap and low-cost means cost effective. What cost-effective actually means is that what you purchased is well worth what you spent on it. So this does not necessarily mean cheap, but rather something that actually is of a quality that justifies the cost. It can be somewhat pricey, but lasts so long due to durability, the money you would have spent on several replacements over the years is more compared to the cost of the item itself.

To put this in a simpler manner, here is a situation where a cost-effective purchase is compared to a cheap purchase. Let us suppose that a plastic tag costs you $5 and a metal one costs you $20. The price disparity here is very noticeable. Now, these two are used the same way – exposed to the same elements, have the same kind of maintenance plan, etc. In 5 years, the metal nameplate is still intact and looking almost as good as new, the plastic one however has been replaced 5 times due to fading, deterioration, and damage brought about by natural wear and tear. This is where you can see the cost effectiveness of metal plates since these remain the same for years, costing you only $20, while the other type of plate costs you more since you had to replace it 5 times, bringing the cost to $30 (or probably even more, depending on price increases for the item over the years.

The durability of metal makes it more of a cost-effective choice than plastic now, doesn’t it, considering how many times the latter needs to be replaced. Of course, not all plastics are created equal, with some more durable than others. This also comes with a price, that is, a price increase since more durable plastics also cost more than the cheaper ones some people choose to use.

Aside from cost, you will also find that metal nameplates are more versatile than plastic as well. This is due to the many marking method choices you have when it comes to metal. You can choose to have your metal nameplates embossed, engraved, etched, painted, printed on, and silk-screened, to name a few. These can also be made into a wide variety of nameplate types and can be attached to items many different ways.

These plates can be made into signs, name tags, model and serial plates, plaques of recognition, and even house or room numbers. These can also be used in its natural appearance (as long as the metals being used are tarnish and corrosion resistant ones like stainless steel and aluminium), or painted over for added definition. You can do so many things with metals, and you can rest assured that these will last a long time. In short, metal nameplates are a better choice over plastic ones due to a great number of reasons.

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