Why Choose Identification Plates over Identification Labels

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When you are having tags made for your business, you will often be faced with the decision of choosing what kind of tag and material to use for these. There are many for you to choose from and two of the kinds of tags that you may think of choosing are plates and labels. Identification plates are those that are made out of thicker and sturdier material, while identification labels are those that are made using durable yet rather thin sheets of material.

Labels are often made out of paper-thin substances or materials that can be crafted into paper-thin sheets, which are then printed with the information that the company needs it to have. Examples of materials that are used for labels include aluminum foil, paper, vinyl, polycarbonate, and polyester. These are different kinds of materials that are often utilized in the creation of labels and come with different qualities that make these ideal for very specific needs.

Identification plates, on the other hand, are made using thicker and more rigid material, and these include such materials as plastic, wood, and a variety of metals. Metal is often the material of choice for the creation of these plates and for many good reasons. For starters, metal is more malleable and easier to customize than other rigid and sturdy materials. Another reason is because these can withstand a long list of conditions, making these great for use in many applications.

When faced with choosing what kind of tag to use for your company’s identification tag needs, you will need to consider the conditions these tags will be put in as well as the budget you have for these. Understandably, identification plates will cost more than labels due to the materials being used as well as the processes used to create these. There will be times however when plates will win hands-down when it comes to choosing which kind of tag is better for your needs.

The main reason why identification plates are often chosen over identification labels is because these can withstand high heat, cold temperatures, moisture, and other similar rough conditions. Tags that are made using metals are oftentimes more longer lasting than their label counterparts, and this is also because of the inherent qualities that metals possess.

So when you are faced with the dilemma of choosing between labels and plates for your tagging needs, always remember that metal nameplates and tags are ideal for tough and rough conditions.

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