Why Choose Domed Labels for Your Business?

Domed Label vs. Flat Label

What exactly are domed labels and why do some businesses find these to be the best labels for their needs? In a nutshell, domed labels are full color labels that come with a feature that gives them a 3-dimensional appearance. This particular feature, and the fact that these labels can be manufactured in full color, is considered one of the main reasons why these are popular with many businesses.

You may have seen a few of these being used on a number of products and items that you see around you. Domed labels can be seen used on numerous items and for numerous purposes. Some of the items you can see these on include appliances, luggage, sports equipment and promotional products, to name but a few. You can also see these used on display stands used for showcasing products.

The 3-dimensional-effect you see on these labels stem from the use of a clear polyurethane resin that is used to coat the labels that are manufactured for this purpose. The use of the clear resin on these labels not only gives it the 3D look that you may want, it also makes the label very resilient and durable. The resin that covers the printed label actually protects it from dust, grime, and dirt.

This particular coating also protects the label from fading and from damage, since these resins are UV resistant as well as chemical resistant. To ensure that the domed labels that are manufactured for clients come out the way they should, these are crafted in a controlled environment that prevents the possibility of foreign objects like dust particles and dirt to damage these. These labels are also cured properly so that the resulting label is exactly what the client ordered.

The reasons why people choose to use these kinds of labels is due to the fact that these are durable, are eye catching and can be easily customized to their needs. These are also very flexible and can be applied on curved surfaces as effectively as when applied to flat surfaces. All you need to do to attach these labels to your products is to stick it to a clean surface using either a self-adhesive (which can be added to your order), or any glue or adhesive you may have on hand.

These labels can also easily carry any design that you choose these to carry and in any shape that you want. Colors, graphics, unique fonts and logos are easily integrated into these labels. These are also usable indoors or outdoors due to the protection that the resin coating gives these labels.