Why Aluminum Foil Labels are Your Best Product Label Choice

Aluminum Foil Labels

When product labels are required by your business, you will find that there are quite a few options at your disposal. Most label manufacturing companies have a long list of materials that you can choose from. One of the materials that you should greatly consider is aluminum foil, and we will show you why this particular material is better than a lot of product label counterparts in the market.

Some of the labels you will find yourself choosing from when you need labels for your products include paper labels, laminated labels, and of course, aluminum labels. Each of these options has pros and cons, and these are what you will sift through to find out which one is best for your company’s products. Of course, as mentioned earlier, aluminum labels are our best bet due to many features that others do not have.

For starters, when you are looking for a low-costing label, paper is usually the first choice, with laminated paper being the next logical option, followed by plastic labels. These are all indeed low costing, but will these tags last long on your products? Paper, when it gets wet, will deteriorate really fast. Laminated paper, on the other hand, may last a bit longer but not when exposed to a lot of moisture. Plastic on the other hand may last when exposed to moisture but not to heat.

This is where aluminum foil labels come in. Not only does this kind of a label last longer than paper and laminated paper when exposed to moisture, but it also does not deteriorate at all even when soaked for hours on end. You can place products with this kind of a label in water baths for long hours and still get a highly vivid and legible label that carries your brand clearly.

As for heat exposure, since these are also made of metal, exposing these tags to heat won’t affect them that much, except of course if you order the aluminum foil labels that come with a plastic laminate. These may survive some heat exposure but not too much heat. You will do well to decide on using laminates or not after determining whether or not your products will be exposed to high heat.

Aluminum foil is also a very attractive material to work with due to its metallic appearance. These will survive hot environments longer than other label types however, so if you are indeed looking for a tag that will last longer in these environments, then aluminum foil labels are your best bets for product labels.

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