Where to Place Your Product's Model and Serial Plates

          Model and Serial PlatesSerial Plates

Model and serial plates serve numerous purposes for various companies. These often serve as tracking tags for businesses who want to know how many of their products have been sold, where these have been sold, and to whom. Since these tags have unique alphanumeric codes on them in the form of serial numbers, these are also used for warranties and such.

Companies also use these tags to help with troubleshooting and repairs, as well as to advertise their brand further and to give customers an idea as to where their manufacturing arm and head office is located. All of these serve to help the business in one way or another, which is why the placement of these tags is not something companies take lightly. A lot of thought and consideration is put in determining where these tags should go.

One of the things that needs to be taken into consideration when determining where these tags should go is its size. It has to fit the area perfectly without any sides jutting out or protruding from where it is placed. Another consideration would be what is on the tag itself. If the tag doubles as a brand tag, then it should be placed in a prominent area on the item in order to ensure that it does its job well.

Also part of the considerations you need to make when thinking of where to place your model and serial plate is the material of the tag. Some tags may not be ideal for areas where high heat is present on the item, like near the motor or engine. You will need to think about the area where these tags will serve their purpose well when deciding on where to attach these before you have these attached to their products.

More often than not, these tags can be found at the back or underside of the items these represent. This is because these are only used for tracking and warranty purposes. People will search for these tags when they need repairs to be made or troubleshooting done to the item that is in question.

For these purposes, putting these in the back or in an area that is not too conspicuous will suffice.  Just as long as it does not reduce the aesthetic quality of the product, does not obstruct or impede any of its mechanical functions, and can still be easily found when needed, you can put these tags in an area underneath or in the back of the product.

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