Where to Locate Your Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial Plates

Model and serial plates can be found on a number of products. These are attached to these products for a number of reasons as well. Some of the most common reasons for the use of these plates are for troubleshooting reasons and for warranty needs. The alphanumeric information that you can see on these plates are what is used for the tracking of warranties, troubleshooting procedures and even parts needed for repairs.

Different companies usually place their model and serial plates in places that cannot be readily seen, but this does not mean that these cannot be easily found. The usual places where these can be found is behind or under these items, with the choice usually depending on how heavy or bulky the item is. For example, if the item is a bulky piece of equipment like a refrigerator or a large machine, you can expect the model and serial plate for this to be found in the back. For smaller items like blenders, mixers and toasters, you can expect to find the serial number plates of these underneath.

While these are the common spots where you can find these tags at, there are some companies who choose to stray from the norm and decide to place these identifying plates in any place they choose to put these. Some companies may choose one particular spot for all their model and serial plates to be placed on their items. Others may also choose to place each model and serial plate in a different spot for each product that they have.

One example of such a practice in use is found in the many products of a lawn mower manufacturing company. While most of these mowers and garden tools are shaped relatively the same, the identifying tags for each model can be found in a different area for each. One can be found attached to the handle, while another is attached to the motor and still another is attached to the underside of the mower’s body.

When companies choose to place their model and serial plates in different parts of their various products, people may find the task of locating such plates somewhat complicated. This is where these companies put out a list of where these plates can be found, so that people can easily locate their model and serial plates when they need to. Such lists can be found online, and you can use the list of your specific brand to easily locate where these indentifying plates can be found.

These serial number and model plates list online can come with pictures, if the companies that put these lists out choose to do so. This is to further assist owners in finding such plates easily and quickly. Some companies however simply choose to place instructions for finding these identifiers on their lists, which can be somewhat confusing as well if the person referencing such a list does not know the names of the parts of the product.

The need to locate these plates often come when problems with the product arises, thereby needing information for troubleshooting, warranties or guarantees. This is the information that is found on these plates and the alphanumeric codes on these help troubleshooters locate parts and repair instructions faster. These plates also provide customer service personnel information regarding when the item was purchased and whether or not the guarantee is still active or has expired.

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