Where are Warning and Instructional Plates Commonly Used?

Warning and Instructional Plates

Warning plates are used to tell people to watch out and that danger is nearby, while instructional plates tell people what to do in order to operate something safely. The question now is, while the usage of such plates is easy enough to understand, where are these metal nameplates usually used? Where are warning plates and instructional plates commonly used?

Warning and instruction plates are often seen attached to machinery and equipment that need to be operated manually. These are also seen attached to machinery that run without human intervention but that have moving parts that can cause accidents and are dangerous to be near to. You can also see such plates on high voltage equipment and generators.

Warning plates can carry ANSI headers that tell you the extent of danger you might find yourself in if you are not careful.  Danger and Warning are the headers that tell you of the highest extent of danger in a particular situation, with the former indicating probable serious injury or even death if the warning sign is ignored. The latter still indicates that the danger you are presented with can still cause serious injuries or possible death, but a lesser degree than plates that carry the Danger header.

Some of these plates can actually carry extensive instructions for operating whatever it is attached to. These instructions can be printed in a variety of languages, depending on where the piece of equipment is expected to be used. These can also carry pictograms and diagrams to help make the instructions written on them easier to understand by whoever is reading them.

Some warning and instructional plates are also made simply enough with a pictogram and a warning header. For example, if one of these metal plates is made to simply warn people that something is high voltage, a yellow triangular plate with a black border and a red lightning-bolt-like pictogram within this border will suffice. Sometimes, the words High Voltage or Danger will also work as effectively as a plate that carries detailed information about how something can be dangerous to you.

These plates are often made using metals that are tarnish and corrosion resistant. Since some of these plates will be exposed to harsh conditions and chemicals that may damage them, it is necessary for these to be also crafted using methods that make whatever is written on them stay on despite the presence of such corrosive substances and conditions. Manufacturers of such plates have various methods to do this and all you have to do is choose the best manufacturing method that best suits what you need this particular plate for.