Where are Promotional Plates Often Used?
Promotional Plates

In a nutshell, promotional plates are defined as plates that can be used for marketing. This does not mean however that this is its only use. If you really think about it, promotional plates can actually be used for a huge number of purposes. The only limitations you have for these plates may be your imagination.

When people order promotional plates, probably the first thing that pops into their minds is those special license plates used on vehicles. While these are still considered promotional plates, the kind of special plates we have in mind are more in line with promoting brands, products, places and people. These plates can be used in a wide variety of ways and here are some examples:

  • For Advocacies and Special Campaigns – you can actually have metal plates crafted in the form of bookmarks, calling cards, rulers and other similar useful and ingenious items for campaign purposes. This can be used for advertising and branding campaigns, for literacy campaigns and other similar movements. Using metal plates for these items not only ensures that they will last a long time, this will also ensure that such items will get a lot of usage which, in turn, guarantees that people will be seeing your brand or advocacy for a very long time too.
  • For Advertising – as mentioned earlier, these plates can be used for marketing purposes. You can have your company’s brand, logo and products printed on these metal plates and these can be attached to items like baseball caps, used as coasters or mounted in areas where people can easily see them. These can also be made in business card sizes and in bookmark shapes which can then be handed out to your target market for their daily use.
  • For Identification Purposes – if you need to have plates crafted to show people where they are, where to go or what to do, promotional plates can be used for such a purpose. You can customize these plates any which way you want, so you can very well put anything you want on these plates. You can add names, addresses and other information on these plates and attach these to your personal belongings in order to ensure that people know who owns what.

Promotional Plates for Labeling

  • For Labeling – if you do not want to use paper or fabric labels and would rather use highly durable labels that can be riveted or glued onto your products (this is usually ideal for machinery and other items made of wood or metal), you might want to consider promotional plates for this. If you want a label that is somewhere between a paper and metal label, you might want to use aluminum foil labels instead.