Where Your Business Can Use Etched Signs and Etched Metal Plates

Etched Metal Plates and Etched SignsBusinesses everywhere try to look for the best products and materials to use for their company’s needs. Durability is always one of the first things companies look for when it comes to what they need, and metal nameplates are no exception. While metal is indeed a durable material, some people tend to shy away from using this material option when the printing method that is to be used on it is deemed to not be as durable or long-lasting as the material itself.

If you are looking for a metal nameplate that is not only tough material-wise, but is also long-lasting print wise, then you might want to consider etched metal plates and etched signs. Etching is a marking method that produces difficult to deface markings due to the fact that these are grooves that are deep into the material. These markings are made with the use of a mordant, usually an acid, which eats at the unprotected areas of the metal plate, leaving behind highly detailed markings.

Where can these kinds of metal plates be used in a business or office setting? Here are some examples:

Door name plates – these are great for when you need to put names on office doors. While the room sign itself should be made according to ADA standards for compliance purposes, you can still add these etched plates with the name of the room occupant on it right on the door itself. The ADA compliant signs that accompany these door name plates are to be mounted in the spot that the company specifies, and these rather decorative plates can go either on the door or right above these compliant signs.

Table nameplates – you can also have these same nameplates crafted to be placed on the desk of the person whose name is on it. These plates can also carry the person’s position or designation in the company. Table nameplates can be made using one metal plate which is then bent into a triangle shape or into an L shape that can be easily placed on a table.

Schematics and diagrams – whether a diagram is for use with electronic equipment, electrical wiring or for fire escape plans, using etched metal plates for these will give you very durable diagrams that won’t need to be replaced often. Since these are made of metal and are etched, you can expect that these will last a long time. These plates can also carry minute details due to the fact that this marking method allows for highly detailed markings.

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