Where You Can Use Military Style Dog Tags in a Different Capacity

Dog TagsMilitary dog tags have been around for ages, and their primary purpose is to provide people in the military with identification tags that are handy and durable at the same time. Different branches of the armed service have different kinds of tags, although these are all generally shaped the same. The differences in these tags come from what information these carry.

Some have information that include religion and blood type, while others have general info that include only name, birthdate, and social security number. These are used to help identify soldiers when they are killed in action and are made out of metal that is corrosion resistant so that no matter what condition the person is found in, they can still be identified with the use of these tags. These come in pairs to facilitate the identification of the body, with one being taken off and brought back to be given to their family or loved ones.

Aside from military use however, these tags have other uses. Although used by many countries for military purposes, there are some who have found another use for these tags which is just as important, and this is for medical purposes. These tags can be made to carry information that is crucial about a patient, and these can be worn just like military dog tags. These can then be used by emergency response personnel to determine what to do and what not to do with the patient.

Some of the information that these medical dog tags can carry include health problems like epilepsy, hemophilia, diabetes, and other illnesses that will needs special attention. These tags can also carry blood type, medical allergies, and other pertinent medical information. Some of these may even carry the contact number of their doctor or a family member, who may need to be contacted when emergencies arise.

Another use that these tags have is for fashion. Although not as important as the previous two uses, this is still one of its main usages. These can be made using a variety of materials, can be painted in, printed on, and beautified in many different ways. These can even be made in different shapes, according to what the tag designer desires.

There are other not-so-popular uses for these tags, but are still considered important by whoever has them. These include uses as tags for luggage, tags for pets, identification tags for young children, and even tags for machinery. The uses of this tag are basically dependent on how you perceive its usage. You simply need to alter the information on them in order to get the use you want from them.

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