Where Should You Use a Polyester Label?

BY Rowena Taylor

Polyester Labels

Polyester is a material that you may have heard about many times in a past. This is actually a polymer category that can either be thermoset or thermoplastic. This material can be used in more ways than one, which is why you will find this particular material used in many things. You can find this synthetic material being used for polyester clothing, PET bottles, polyester labels and many more.

When it comes to labels, polyester is a material that is used when people want waterproof, durable and rugged materials for their labeling needs. A polyester label is considered a tough label, hence the recommendation to choose this particular material when your tags are to be exposed to rough conditions. This kind of a label is available in a few variants, with some more ideal for use in certain situations than others. To help you understand what these choices are, and to help you determine which ones will best suit your needs, here are some of the types of polyester labels you can find and where these can be used:

White Polyester Labels – these are labels that are considered weather proof, and can come in either a matte or gloss finish. These are sometimes used for industrial purposes and for tough applications where durability is needed. You can easily find these labels used on items like bumper stickers, package labeling, equipment marking and product labeling. These labels are also rather resistant to certain chemicals, making this material ideal for those who need labels that might be exposed to certain toxic substances.

Clear Polyester Labels – this is a great alternative to vinyl labels if you need to have your logos, company names and other label copy stand out without a background color disturbing it. Since polyester is a material that can withstand rather harsh conditions, you can use these in the same areas as white polyester labels. This label type is also rather resistant to high heat environments, making them ideal for exposure to sunlight as well as use with equipment that generate some heat.

Metallic Polyester Labels – with the decorative quality of these labels, you can use these to mark or tag items that require a label that has a certain aesthetic quality. This can be used just like its white and clear counterparts since they all have relatively the same properties that include weather resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance. These can actually take the place of aluminum foil labels, if you need tougher labels for your needs. These labels are great for use with home appliances, packaging labels, asset tracking tags and barcodes, promotional tags and many more.

These three are the most commonly used polyester labels around and what you choose to use often depends on what your company prefers, as well as where these are to be used. Essentially, each type comes with similar qualities, with a few differences that can help you distinguish where each one can be ideally used. While polyester labels are somewhat costlier than other label types, these are still considered cost effective. This is due to the fact that the qualities that make it very durable help extend its usage to a longer period of time, making it unnecessary to constantly change tags.

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