Where Should You Use Domed Labels?

BY Rowena Taylor

Domed Labels

If you have not heard of domed labels, you might be missing out on one of the best marketing tools around. Domed labels, in a nutshell, are basically just labels that have been amped up with the help of a “dome” of clear, plastic material, which makes the label look 3-dimensional. This simple amping-up however of your labels adds a whole new level to a supposedly commonplace item.

Since these tags are very durable, you can even see these being used as emblems for vehicles. The polyurethane dome protects the label or tag underneath, and makes it pop with the glass-like dome that it creates. You can also see these tags on kitchen appliances, motorcycles, computers, and many more.

These domed labels become more than just a tag, and becomes something that serves a higher purpose, and that is to capture people’s attention. These labels, now made to look more eye-catching with the domed look, can now be used for more than just a tag that puts the brand on an item. It can now be used for these other purposes:

Decorative Branding – ever see those shirts with the 3-dimensional tags on the front? Ever notice baseball caps with a domed tag on them as well? These are domed labels that have been used for promotional purposes, and since these tags are very durable, they have been used as decorative branding tools for these pieces of clothing, you can also find these tags on other items and not just clothing. You can find these being used on product boxes, on promotional stands in stores, and many more.

Promotional Items – giveaways are very popular since these are free, and what better way to help boost brand recognition than to use domed labels on your promotional items? You can attach these eye-catching tags onto items that you give out to people on special occasions, or during events, which can then help with your brand promotional plans, and can help boost brand familiarity. Some of the items that these can be attached to include leather planners, briefcases, lunchboxes, desk organizers, pen and pencil holders, and almost anything with a flat, smooth surface.

Refrigerator magnets and badges – these can also be attached to refrigerators with the help of a magnet, and can be made into badges for people to attach to bags and any other fabric based item with the use of a safety pin or clasp. These things are generally used for promotional needs, and can also be given out during special events such as conventions, trade fairs, and even product launches. You can also attach these things to promotional products that you are selling, like products that are sold in bundles of three. These can be the giveaways for such promotional bundles.

These are just some of the ideas that people have used these domed labels for. You can actually think up of a few more for your own needs, or for your company’s requirements. Since these are very versatile, you can definitely think up of a number of uses for just one of these tags, and with the right adhesive, these ideas can work – ideas like tagging corporate gifts or corporate gift boxes, keychains, and other similar ideas.  

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