Where Should You Put Your Model and Serial Plates?

Model and Serial PlatesModel and serial plates are used by numerous businesses, usually manufacturers, to tag their products with and to make these easier to identify. These plates are often found on brands that carry numerous items that are made for the same purpose but come in many different “styles” (like lawnmowers and microwave ovens). These can also be found on items that are made by one manufacturer but are different kinds of products.

These plates are made to carry information that helps identify the item it is on. This is done with the help of sections where certain informative details are placed. These can include the type of item it is (microwave oven, blender, etc.), the date of manufacture, what batch it was made with, the model and the individual serial number that tells you it is a different item from the next one that looks like it. The use of the serial number is important since it tells the manufacturer which one of the hundreds or thousands they made is it that you bought.

The importance of such plates means that these need to be put in a location that is not conspicuous yet still, easy enough to locate when needed. Different items have these tags mounted on different parts of their construction, depending on what the item is used for. For instance, more often than not, huge equipment will have these tags mounted in areas that do not require a lot of effort to locate and see them. The areas where you will usually find these tags posted on when it comes to large items is inside the unit (near the engine or any similar hidden yet easy to access place), behind the unit, or on the side of the unit.

For smaller products, you will find that these plates are often placed underneath the item itself. Oven toasters, mixers, laptop computers, and other similarly sized items, will often have these underneath them because these things are easy enough to turn over because of their size, and the underside helps keep these tags out of sight. Some may have these tags mounted in the back, like microwave ovens and other slightly bigger appliances, since these can be a little difficult to flip over.

If you are wondering where you should put these model and serial plates on your products, try to assess first the size of your item. Make sure that your tags are placed in an area that is easy enough to get to when needed, but can be hidden from sight when not. Also, make sure that these tags are not only properly placed in easy to find locations, but are also carrying the right information you want these to carry, not only for your customers’ troubleshooting needs but also for your own inventory and tracking purposes. 

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