Where Etched Signs Come in Handy

Etched Signs

People choose etched signs and plates for a number of good reasons, and one of which is versatility. Etching is a marking process that has been around for a very long time and is used to create long lasting designs in metal. How these designs are made is with the use of acid or any chemical that can eat through unprotected metal.

Etching is chosen by many businesses for a variety of uses because of the durability of the plates and signs that are produced using this method. Since the design is essentially gouged into the metal by the process that is used to create it, it gives you a design that is rather difficult to deface or damage. Also called chemical engraving, the items that are produced using this particular process can look somewhat like an engraved plate.

Etched metal plates are often used for a number of purposes, with signage and labeling being one of them. Plates that are manufactured using this particular marking method can be used as labels for products, as decorative trim plates, serial and model plates and many more. This very same process can even be used to create unique and stunning desk nameplates and promotional plates.

This particular marking method is often used on metal plates that acid can easily eat away. Some of the most popular metals used for this particular process include copper, zinc and steel. With the first two metals being more expensive than steel, stainless steel has become the go-to metal for this particular process. Now, more and more people tend to use stainless steel for their etched signs and plates, although some people still order plates made of zinc if they desire a more pronounced etch in their plates.

Other metals that can also be used for this particular process of plate and sign making are brass and bronze. This metal is chosen by those who wish to have metal plates that have that golden tinge to it. These metals are often selected by clients when the plates are to be used for decorative or labeling purposes.

To make the designs on these plates stand out and become more pronounced, paint is added to the process. Depending on the preference of the client, etched metal plates are painted in colors that help the design pop. Commemorative plaques, striking signage and other similar plates are painted according to a client’s specifications to help make these plates more noticeable and eye-catching.