Where Embossed Metal Nameplates Are Often Used

Embossed metal nameplates are used by many industries and in many different ways. These metal plates are chosen by some due to the durability that these come with, while others choose it for the rather decorative 3-dimensional look it has. Whatever the reason, these metal nameplates are indeed used for many different things – from labeling to branding to decorative needs. Here are some of the uses of metal embossed nameplates:

Embossed Metal Nameplate - Model and Serial PlateModel and Serial Plates – these metal plates can be used by companies to carry not only their brand but also identifiers such as model and serial numbers. This helps companies as well as buyers know firsthand what model their item is and other details about it. This helps when there is a need for repairs or replacements since these tags can tell the manufacturer when the item was purchased, when it was purchased, whether it is part of a batch that has similar defects, and whether it is still within its warranty limit.

Embossed Metal Nameplates - Branding TagsBranding – these embossed plates can also be made to exclusively brand a product with a metal logo or company name that is eye-catching. This makes such a brand tag rather promotional since it captures the eye of the people that see it, making them see for themselves the quality and look of the product that the brand tag is on. These tags can brand anything from kitchen appliances to vehicles to even bags and hats.


Embossed Metal Nameplates - Decorative TagsDecorative Tags – these can also be used in a decorative capacity, with embossed designs that are rather ornamental in nature. These can also carry the company’s brand name, made in a decorative form, for the double purpose of branding and decorating the item in question. These tags can be colored or can be plain metal, depending on what kind of look a company wants for these tags. These can also come in many shapes and sizes, depending again on where these are to be used.

These are just a few of the things these embossed plates can be used for. There are still many more, like for asset tag creation and the like. Can you think of any other places where you can use these plates in your home or business?

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