Where Else Can You Use Military Style Dog Tags?

BY Rowena Taylor

Military Style Dog Tags

Military style dog tags are essentially tags that are worn around the neck, the same way that people in the service wear them. If you were to follow the norm, these tags will be carrying vital information about you, like your name, your birth date and your religion. Some of these tags, depending on what part of the military you belong to, carry different kinds of information, with some of these having the person’s blood type and social security number.

While these tags are used officially by the military and other people in the service, these tags are not necessarily exclusive to them. These metal dog tags can actually be customized to fit the needs of anyone, and can be purchased from metal nameplate makers in different sizes and shapes. You can also choose what kind of marking method to use with these customized tags, with some of the more popular methods being stamping, digital printing, and embossing.

So, what other things can you do with these dog tags? Here are some of the ideas that others have come up with for their customized military style dog tags:

Medicine tags – if you, or a member of your family, have special medical needs, one of the things you can do to ensure that people will give you or them the right medication when emergency strikes, is to have a medicine tag around your neck. What this does is inform medical personnel what medications you are taking, which can then help them when they need to do emergency medical work on you. This particular tag will also help them avoid certain medical procedures and medicines that counteract with whatever you are taking, helping prevent the possibility of complications from arising.

Allergy tags – this is also another idea that you can use with military style dog tags. If you or your kids have allergies to specific objects, foods, or animals, it might be a good idea to have these tags on them. This will tell teachers and other people they associate with what to get them to avoid in order to prevent allergic reactions. These tags can also help them determine if the person is suffering from an allergic reaction and can be given medication immediately to counteract this.

Address tags – you can use dog tags as address tags for many things, and this can include your luggage, your pet, your purse, and even on yourself or on kids. These address tags can help people contact you, or whoever is at home, when lost luggage is found, when your pet is located, or when members of your family are in certain emergency situations. These tags can also carry home phone numbers, next of kin and so on, which can all help when the person wearing it is unconscious.

These are just some of the ideas you can use with military style dog tags. You can actually customize these tags any which way you choose, which means that these can be used for almost anything. These can be used as accessories by teens and can carry unique etched or engraved designs on them. These can also come in bright colors, which can make them ideal giveaways for parties and other special events. What other ideas do you think will work well with these customizable tags? 

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