Where Do Companies Usually Use Decorative Trim Plates?

BY Rowena Taylor

Decorative Trim PlateSome people often wonder where decorative trim plates are usually used by the companies who order these. Decorative trim plates, as the name implies, are metal plates that are used to add a decorative element to the item that this is attached to. The ornamental factor can come either in the form of engravings, etchings, or even just in the shape of the metal plate itself. It can also come in the form of painted on designs, printed decorative elements, and even in the color combinations used on these plates.

So, where can you see these decorative trim plates on items that companies produce? Here are some examples:

Brand tags – these can be used for both branding and for decorative purposes, and for this to happen, these metal tags need to be created in such a way that these also look real good. Some of the tags that are used for branding come with very colourful designs. A few others are made using colored metal, and this is to make these branding tags look more attractive or pleasing to the eye. Others also come with interesting shapes and may even use a combination of marking methods to create unique looking brand tags that catch a person’s attention while at the same time, carries the brand of the company that created the item.

Metal Business cards – did you know that you can actually have your business cards made out of metal? Aluminium and stainless steel are great choices for this particular use since these metals are not only corrosion and tarnish resistant, but are also very versatile and can come in very thin sheets, which are great for this particular purpose. You can have your name, position, company name and logo, and your contact details printed on these plates, and since these are made out of metal, these are less likely to be thrown away by whoever receives them from you. You can have your details printed on these, painted on, silkscreened, and even stamped.

Promotional discount cards – you can have metal plates crafted into discount cards for your products. These can then be handed out to loyal customers on your mailing list, those who purchase a specific number of items from your outlet, or given out at a promotional event that your company holds to launch these cards or a new product at. These can be renewable, or made for use during a specific period of time only, and this is dependent on what your marketing plans are for these very same cards.

These are just a few of the ideas that come to mind when it comes to these versatile plates and business use. Since these decorative trim plates are totally customizable, you can actually use these for more than just business. These can actually be customized for use in special occasions. For instance, instead of using cardboard name tags for the tables at your wedding reception, or some other similar event, you can choose to have these made using metal nameplates. These can then be brought home by the person whose name appears on these tags as a souvenir.

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