Where Can Etched Signs Be Used?

BY Rowena Taylor

Etched Metal and Etched Signs

Etched signs are often crafted out of metal since this is the material that is best used with such a marking method. Although glass can also be used with etching, numerous businesses choose to use etched metal for their signage needs for a number of really good reasons. For one, metal is a very durable material that can last longer than glass, and is sometimes less expensive, depending on what metal is used for this particular purpose.

The question as to where these signs and nameplates can be used can be easily answered by whoever needs these items for their business or establishment. You can essentially put anything on these signs, be it your company logo, company name, room information, and many more, simply because etching is a marking method that allows for such versatility. This means that any design you want to have on these metal plates (yes, and that includes images and portraits) can be accomplished. To help you understand what we are getting at, here are some examples of where such etched signage can be used:

Company name and/or logo – if you are thinking of having a metal nameplate made for your company’s reception area, or any other area that you feel will benefit from a sign that carries your company’s name and/or logo, then etched signs made out of metal (or even glass for that matter) might be your best option. These signs are crafted accurately and can be made in whatever size you see fit for such a need. This particular marking method can also be used to integrate decorative elements into such a sign, such as scrollwork and intricate borders. And the best part is, you can have the entire design (borders, decorations and the company name itself) crafted onto your metal of choice (or glass, if that is what you want) in one go.

Etching is often used for the creation of these signs primarily because etching can be used for highly detailed designs. These include signs that have images on them (yes, etching can be used to create images on metal and glass), and those that have unique design features, like special fonts and patterns. You can also use etching for these signs since this particular marking method can be utilized for signage that are rather big (or somewhat small, for that matter), making it an ideal medium of marking for many things.

ADA compliant signs – did you know that etching can actually be used to create ADA signs? This is because of the fact that etching can create raised as well as recessed characters on metal. All you need to do in order to create ADA compliant signs using etching is to tell your signage manufacturer that your etched signs need to be ADA compliant, and they will know what you mean.

You can integrate the tactile elements needed for compliance with the use of this particular sign making method, and some of these elements include tactile letters, tactile pictograms, and Braille translations. What sign makers do in order to make such signs is they protect the parts that are to carry the raised characters from the acid, at which point the acid then eats away the surrounding areas, creating the raised letters, symbols and Braille needed for these government mandated signs.

These are but a couple of the signs you can create using etching as a marking medium. The limits of such a manufacturing method are essentially your imagination and your need. Can you think of other etched signs that you can have your sign maker craft for you?

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