Where Are Custom Decals Best Used For?

Custom Decals

If you are thinking of using custom decals for your business, you should first know if decals are exactly what you need or if what you require are labels or stickers. To help you determine this, you may want to check out a topic we discussed before regarding the differences between labels and decals. To give you further insight, let us now talk about what you can use your decals on and how you can customize these.

Where can you use customized decals and what are the elements that can be put on these? Decals that are specially ordered by companies for their many needs can be totally customized, which means these can carry logos, words and even images on them. These can be in black or white, and can also be in multi-color, if this is what you want. Decals can also come in many sizes, with some of these small enough to fit on a fingernail and others big enough to decorate entire vehicles.

So, where are custom decals often used? Here are some of the most popular uses for specially made decals:

  • To decorate vehicles (or to advertise on them) – one of the most well known uses of decals is for customizing and decorating vehicles. Since decals can stick to any clean, smooth surface as long as these are applied properly, you can easily have any design added to your vehicle. Decals are often used to decorate race cars, pimped-up vehicles and even buses. These are sometimes used for advertising purposes, with the information of the company or their ad strategically placed on vehicles so that people can easily see these. These can also be used to put a company’s name and contact information on their delivery vehicles.
  • To create customized giveaways – if you want to be able to give out souvenirs or giveaways at any time without having to have these pre-ordered, you can do so by simply having custom decals always on hand. You can then purchase any unmarked item that you want to use as souvenirs or giveaways for your company and stick these decals on them. Voila! You now have customized giveaways!
  • To decorate personal items with – you may have seen laptops, skateboards and even tablets carrying unique designs on them in either black and white or in color. These are done with the use of decals. Helmets, lunchboxes, luggage and any item with a smooth surface can be decorated on with the use of decals.