Where Aluminum Foil Labels Should Not Be Used

Aluminum Foil LabelsIt’s true that one of the most versatile labels and label materials around is the aluminum foil label. These are not only flexible, durable, and great to look at, but are also very resilient when it comes to a variety of conditions, not to mention rather cost effective. This may be why a lot of companies choose to use aluminum foil labels for their products.

There are times however when these labels, despite their versatility and eye-catching appearance, are not ideal for use as tags. Here are some of the instances where aluminum foil labels should not be considered for your tagging needs:

When a product is porous and likely to get wet – there are products that require tags that can withstand too much moisture and can adhere to porous surfaces real well. This is one instance where aluminum foil labels don’t have the power to keep it together, so to speak. Examples of items that belong to this group include clothing, wooden items like chopping boards, and anything that is made of cloth.

When a product is going to be used in a microwave oven – we all know what happens when aluminum foil finds its way into a microwave oven, and yes, it is dangerous. If your products are meant to be used in this capacity, then do not use aluminum foil labels on them at all costs. While some consumers may remember to remove these labels before using them in this manner, there are a few who might not know or may forget what happens to metallic objects in this kind of an oven. Using other tags that are not going to cause problems in microwave ovens should be used when you are tagging products like microwave safe bowls, plates, mugs, and the like.

When these tags will be exposed to chemicals that react negatively to aluminum – while aluminum has quite a substantial resilience and resistance to chemicals, there are some substances that this metal cannot withstand. Examples of chemicals that react adversely to aluminum include chemicals with high chloride content, heavy metal salts, strong alkaline solutions, and inorganic acids. Concrete has also been known to cause deterioration to aluminum, so tags made out of this metal should not be used on concrete based products as well.

These are just a few of the things that you will need to avoid using aluminum tags on. Other instances where you cannot use aluminum labels are when you use a plastic laminate on these tags and your products are to be exposed to heat. While the aluminum might survive the heat, the plastic coating on top won’t and may cause your tag to shrink or even burn.  

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