When to Use UID Plates Over Barcode Plates

UID PlateBefore you can make an educated decision as to which will work best with what you need – barcodes or UID plates – you will first need to understand the differences between these two. You will also need to recognize what each one is best for what you need, and this will then help you decide what to use when the need does arise for these coded tags.

Let us first begin with understanding what UID means. UID is short for Unique Identifier. Also called UID marking, this is a marking that is designed to hold certain amounts of data that is needed to help identify what it is on. This is actually similar to your standard barcode, although the difference is that this kind of a marking can hold large amounts of data compared to your standard code 128 or code 39 barcode.

BarcodeYou should always keep in mind that when you are told you need a UID plate, these will have to carry what is called a 2D Matrix barcode. These are those square codes you see being used on most electronics and their parts. When we say that all UID plates carry 2D codes, you should also be aware that not all 2D codes are actually UID codes.

How do you determine whether you are okay using ordinary linear barcodes or you need 2d matrix UID codes? One of the indicators for such a need is when the items these are to go on to, and which these tags will be used to identify such items with, is when a huge amount of information is to be associated with these items and are to go on these tags. In short, if you need your codes to carry loads of info on the item, then a UID plate or tag is what you need.

If your needs are rather simple and does not require too much information, then any of the linear barcodes may be utilized. There are quite a few for you to choose from, with some able to carry a little more information than others. These can also be made to carry alphanumeric codes underneath the lines that are commonplace on these codes.

Some companies however choose to use both UID and linear barcodes on their tags, and for numerous reasons. One would be to enable them to store detailed information on the item with the use of the 2D matrix code, and to store basic information for the POS to scan easily when the item is purchased on the linear codes. If you want to find out more about what combinations will best suit your needs, or whether you simply need one or the other, don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will gladly assist you with this. 

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