When to Choose Metal Nameplates for Your Products

Metal Nameplates

When you have to create tags for your business, you will be given choices that include the kind of material that you are to use for these. The most commonly used material people choose for their tags and labels is oftentimes paper, and this is for a good reason. For starters, paper is cheap, is easy to print on, and can be shaped many different ways.

There are times however when paper is not ideal for your tagging needs. When you need tags that can stand up to certain conditions like moisture, heat, and other similar circumstances, you need to find a material that can survive all these. Other options you can go for include aluminum foil and Lexan (polycarbonate), however while these can withstand certain conditions, these may not be the right tags for you either. This is where metal nameplates become a consideration.

When should you choose to use metal nameplates for your tagging needs instead of the other tag materials that are available to you? There are a lot of circumstances that dictate the use of metal tags, and these include the following:

When you need tags that can survive very rough conditions – the rough conditions we are talking about include exposure to changing weather; exposure to chemicals and harsh conditions; exposure to mud, dirt and grime; exposure to conditions that can scratch, dent, tear, and damage your tags. Metal tags are ideal for these conditions because metal is a very durable material. Some of the items that will need these durable tags include heavy equipment, trucks, machinery, factory equipment, and so on.

When you need tags that can be used as more than just labels – some tags go beyond their labeling requirements, and can even find themselves repurposed as refrigerator magnets, paperweights, and so on. If you want your tags to go beyond their tagging life, you should opt for metal tags. These tags can even last longer than the item they are branding, which can also help in terms of brand recognition and promotion.

When you need tags that are unique – okay, so your product can use aluminum foil labels, polyester labels, and even paper labels. That does not mean that you should just go with the norm and use these on your items. If you want, you can steer clear of the usual and go with the unusual by having metal tags made for your products. Aluminum tags, stainless steel tags, and bronze or brass tags will look good on bottled items, boxed goods, and many more. These make your products look classier and more expensive.

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