When and Why You Should Choose Domed Labels

Domed LabelsSometimes called domed tags or domed stickers, these domed labels are often chosen by many companies for their tagging needs for many different reasons. These are also used in many different ways, and here we will strive to show you what these are. This is so you can determine for yourself whether or not a domed tag is ideal for your particular need, and to show you as well why these are the right kind of label for such a need.

A domed label can be any type of label that has a domed urethane coating on top of it. This means that you can choose whatever material you want to use for the label or tag that is underneath this particular dome. The urethane dome is clear and hardens quickly enough to provide your tags with not only an added coating of protection, but it also provide it with a glass-like top that makes the tag underneath look 3-dimensional.

These tags have a 3D appeal that make them great for many applications, and here are some of the more commonly used ones that companies find such tags ideal for:

Clothing – using tags that are resistant to moisture and other substances, like polyester and polycarbonate, with the addition of a domed covering, gives you a kind of tag that is appealing to the eyes. You may have seen quite a few of these kinds of tags on apparel used for sports and on clothing that are meant for the younger set. These sometimes protect tags that are made out of a material that emits a holographic vibe, and are usually found on shirts, pants, caps, and even bags.

Kitchen Appliances – you may have seen these kinds of tags on your blender, your microwave, and even your slow cooker. Yes, these tags are great for use with these kinds of equipment, although are not really used on those that are exposed to or generate high heat. If these are used on such items, these are often placed on parts of the item that are far from heat and other similar conditions that may damage this tag.

Outdoor Equipment – equipment that are used outdoors, as well as furniture that is exposed to outside conditions, will often have a tag that is both resistant to the many conditions that are present outdoors. These tags are usually made out of a tarnish resistant metal, or a particular material that is also resistant to many external forces like sunlight, rain, and so on. These tags are then protected by an extra coating that makes it not only more durable, but also more attractive to look at due to the doming form it has.

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