When Should You Use Brass Plates for Your Nameplate Needs?

Brass Plates

Brass is one of the many metals that is often used for creating nameplates with. Other metals that are used for nameplate creation are stainless steel, aluminum and bronze, to name but a few more. The question some people tend to ask when presented with a choice of metals for their nameplate needs is, when should I choose brass plates for my nameplates?

Brass is a metal with a gold-like color, which makes it a very good choice for plates that are to be used for decorative purposes. The gold color of this particular metal comes from copper, which is combined with zinc to create this particular alloy. A similar gold-like color is found in bronze too due to the presence of copper in this alloy as well, although this particular metal is generally made with tin instead of zinc.

If you want a metal that has a yellowish gold color, then your choice should be brass. If you want a metal that has a brownish-gold shade, then bronze is what you need. While both are ideal for the creation of decorative trim plates, and other similar plates that are supposed to have a decorative appeal, there are other factors that come into play when you need to choose which metal to use for your needs.

Oftentimes, the matter of pricing comes into play when decision making is at hand. Bronze is almost always more expensive than brass and the reason for this is that tin is a rather expensive metal. With bronze manufactured using a combination of copper and tin, it is then but natural that this particular metal costs more than brass.

For those who want a yellow-gold tint on their metal nameplates without using gold while at the same time keeping costs down, the use of brass is inevitable. Not only does this particular metal have the look that is desired but it is also tarnish and corrosion resistant, durable, customizable and cost effective. These are also the reasons why a lot of people choose to use this particular metal for their custom decorative nameplate needs.