When Photosensitive Plates Can Be Used

Photosensitive PlatesPhotosensitive plates are used for a lot of different applications. Sometimes called metalphoto (due to the fact that these plates are made out of metal and have photo-like prints on them) these tags are so versatile, that their uses span from personal to commercial to industrial.

These tags can also be made to carry very detailed markings on them, which is why information that is highly comprehensive can be easily added to these tags. Fine lines, intricate designs, and bold colors can also be added to these tags via this marking method (photosensitizing), making these great for a lot of uses.

Here are some of the more common uses of these plates:

Image plates – some people have pictures printed on photo paper, others have these printed on canvas-like materials, and a few choose to use anodized aluminum for printing images on. Yes, pictures can now be printed on metal, and these make such durable and long lasting mementos. Since these can be printed on metals of any size, you can actually make souvenirs for special occasions like weddings and engagement parties with the use of metalphoto plates that can be attached to keychains, pillboxes, and the like.

Serial Number Plates – the durability of the print and the material used for the creation of photosensitive plates make it a great choice for when you are making serial number or model plates. This means that the plates you attach to your product with tracking information that is vital for warranties, troubleshooting, repairs, and returns will last a long time and won’t suffer from fading, unlike a few other alternatives.

Decorative Plates – if you are creating products out of metal and you don’t want the plates used on your products to be bland or dull, photosensitizing may be a good choice for this. You can have intricate and multi-colored designs made into anodized aluminum plates, and you can either create your products using these plates or attach these to the products for a decorative addition to it.

Schematic Plates and Instructional Plates – also another use of photosensitizing anodized plates is the creation of schematics and detailed operating instructions for specific equipment and machinery. The use of photosensitizing for this purpose results in diagrams that are difficult to deface (since the details are underneath a protective anodized layer), and will remain clear and concise even after years of use. As for instructions that are printed on these metal nameplates, photosensitizing will give you crisp and clear wordings that won’t be difficult to read and understand.

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