When Is it Ideal to Use Lexan Labels?

BY Rowena Taylor

Lexan Labels and StickersWhat exactly are Lexan labels and when is it right for you to use these? In a nutshell, Lexan labels are tags that are made from a material called (as you guessed it) Lexan, which is essentially a tough kind of polycarbonate. This particular type of polycarbonate is strong enough to withstand certain situations that include exposure to acid, high heat, and even extreme cold. These are also resistant to abrasions, can survive impacts, and are essentially impervious to abuse.

With all of these, you can then easily picture where these labels are ideal for use. Here are some of the situations and places where such a label is ideal for:

Industrial machinery – factories, warehouses, and other similar facilities always have machinery that need to have certain tags and labels on them. Lexan is an ideal tag for these due to the fact that such labels are very durable and can survive any kind of tough environment. These stickers will be exposed to heat, dust, dirt, grime, moisture, and chemicals, among other things. Stickers made out of Lexan can survive all of these and still be readable and understandable, which is a very important factor when it comes to machinery found in these locales.

These can be used in the making of asset labels for these equipment, as informational tags, warning tags, and even as console tags for equipment that already have faded console stickers on them. Since this particular material is durable enough to withstand high heat and extreme cold, these can also be used with heaters as well as freezers.

Consoles and electronics – these can also be used on control panels, consoles, and other similar items. Since these can be customized to fit your many different needs, and can be cut as well as printed to very precise specifications, you can use these to mark various controllers, consoles and others like these.

Bumper stickers – some people may think that using Lexan for bumper sticker creation is too much, but if you really think about it, this particular material is great for such a purpose mainly because these are very durable and can survive rough situations. You have to remember, the longer your bumper sticker last on the automobiles these are attached to, the longer these can serve your advertising and marketing needs since these will retain their shape, color, design, and position the entire time it is in use.

These are just a number of uses that people have for Lexan labels and stickers. You can use these as well on various items for branding needs, for tagging purposes, and many more. In short, if you want a label and a sticker that lasts a long time and can survive rather extreme situations and circumstances, then Lexan is what you need.

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